War? Well, that changes nothing

A daily summary of high-profile members of several complexes.

Gold Dec Contract (GC, ETF: (GLD))
Volatility was subdued Sunday night, still needing to test or fluctuate around Thursday's gap down low. That lower attraction also dooms to failure any interim bounce. We'll soon see since N. Korea's war speech triggered a surge to attack 1314.00. That could be the bounce's peak, if not 1318.50.

Eurodollar Dec Contract (EC, ETF: (FXE, UUP))
Friday's test of the ~1.2030 corrective bounce limit had resolved down into the weekend. Germany's election results triggered a gap down Sunday that extended back to Wednesday's 1.1917 low Monday morning. And lower, attacking 1.1885, probably on the way to test 1.1845.

Silver Dec Contract (SI, ETF: (SLV))
Still fluctuating Monday morning at or under 17.00 was one step closer to forming a bottom. But N. Korea war talk triggered a spike up to test 17.15 resistance that leave at least one fresh low outstanding.

30-year Treasury Dec Contract (US, ETF: (TLT))
Firming Sunday night was still below the 154-30 buy signal and within proximity of retesting the 153-14support. N. Korea war talk triggered a "flight-to-safety" whose spike up tested 154-30, anyway. But not closing above it keeps alive the 153-14 potential.

Crude Oil Nov Contract (CL, ETF: (USO, USL) (UWTI-long, DWTI-short))
Other verbally bellicose escalation came from Turkey, sending Crude Oil to fresh highs above its recent multi-session range. Holding the 50.00 sell signal last week was rewarded by probing fresh high up to 51.95s. A second consecutive higher close on Tuesday would confirm Monday as a breakout. Closing back within the recent range could reverse back under 50.00 quickly.

Natural Gas Oct Contract (NG, ETF: (UNG, UNL))
Firming Sunday night up to 2.96 didn't prevent Monday morning from probing under Friday's lows down to 2.91, targeting 2.84.